Our Process

Our Team of Skilled Landscape Experts is Here to Guide You, Every Step of The Way.


Our landscape designer will meet with you at your property to discuss your upcoming project. We can answer your questions about our design and build process, warranty, etc. We’ll also measure out the area, gather assessments of the terrain, test the solid if needed and more.

Step 1


The next step is to focus on the details of your project: getting specific with layout of features, choosing plant and tree varieties, selecting hardscape material, inventory and analysis of existing trees and shrubs in the proposed work area.

Step 2


After completion of the planning, we compile the numbers to produce a landscape design showing the elements of your new landscape. We will also provide a reasonable estimate of the costs associated to construct your custom project and the time frame it will take.

Step 3

Scheduling & Signing

At this point, the scope of your project is fully planned and the step is to sign out agreement and make necessary deposits (if needed) on your project. Upon receiving a completed agreement, we assign your project a place on out schedule. Turnaround time can vary depending on the season, but our crews work as efficiently as possible to get your projects done.

Step 4

Building & Construction

Most of the projects are completed within several days. Larger or more complex projects may require multiple weeks to complete, this is dependent on the scope of work. Since our industry is directly affected by weather, inclement weather may cause delays in project completion. We do our best to keep you informed throughout the process to reduce surprises.

Step 5

Final Walk through

On the day of project completion, our team will walk you on a guided tour of your new outdoor space and provide you with necessary information on taking care of your new patio, newly planted trees/shrubs and sod. Once you’re satisfied with every detail, we’ll seek your final approval, officially marking the completion of your landscape project.

Step 6