Irrigation System

Edge Landscaping provides lawn irrigation installation for new and existing customers and maintenance for our commercial and residential properties. Installing an irrigation system to your existing lawn or landscaping will encourage the growth of your grass and plants and help keep your property lush and green in hot, summer months. After installation, our experts can monitor your system throughout the year to ensure it is performing to its maximum potential. Ask us about our Year Round Maintenance Package. 

Landscape Lighting

Edge Landscaping’s landscape lighting installation and design creates premier exterior lighting with low voltage lighting that uses a fraction of a traditional bulb’s energy. With years of experience, Edge Landscaping can illuminate any commercial or residential area and increase your property’s value and security. Our landscape lighting designs brighten up focal points, draw attention to the best areas of your landscape, and contrast against areas you don’t want highlighted. We’ll get you the look you’ve always wanted without the costly electricity bill.

Irrigation Management

Irrigation systems are more than just a way to simply water your lawn or landscaping. The Edge Landscape team knows that a properly designed irrigation system will take into consideration many variables that are unique to your landscaping project. Some of the variables include knowledge of specific plant life, regional precipitation, soil variations, water conservation restrictions, and property elevation changes. Additionally, planning for the conservation of water requires the knowledge and use of proper sprinkler heads, integration of drip irrigation, and scheduling the correct timing and duration of watering plans. All of these factor in to the optimal design of your irrigation and sprinkler systems. Edge Landscaping has the experience to design and install integrated systems that will ensure the well-being of your landscaping for years to come. In addition, you can depend on quality maintenance and necessary seasonal adjustments being completed before an irrigation problem arises. We will not only create and install your irrigation system, but make sure that it is operating at peak effectiveness throughout our maintenance services. 

As part of our residential and Commercial Program, we also provide an Irrigation System Program: 

(the below services do not include labor for repair or parts)

Irrigation Services

Start-Up (Spring – March through April) 

  • Run through all zones to check for any needed repairs
  • Adjust all rotors and spray heads to ensure optimal coverage
  • Update, program and adjust controller for maximum water efficiency

Seasonal, Monitoring of System During Growing Season (April through November)

  • Run Through All Zones To Check For Any Needed Repairs
  • Inspect All Rotors And Spray Heads To Ensure Optimal Coverage (Make Necessary Adjustments)
  • Reprogram Controller (If Needed)

Shut-Down / Winterization (Fall – November)

    • Shutdown water supply to the backflow
    • Winterize system (clear the majority of water from the system)

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